Previously it was thought that tile is best suited for rooms with high humidity – bath and toilet. Today, ceramic tile displaces parquet hallway linoleum of the kitchen. This was facilitated by introduction of Tile new technologies that provide environmentally friendly, high quality of the aesthetic and very practical material. Pottery is durable, not afraid of moisture, can withstand various temperature, its surface covered with hygienic, easy to keep clean. Modern tiles are glazed and unglazed (matte), embossed and smooth, very different forms, ranging from the square and rectangle, and ending with triangles, circles and polygons, all sorts of colors and shades, with an imitation of textures and colors to look like marble, granite, wood. Tile size – from the mosaic area of 90 square meters. refer to the massive plates of side 60 cm thickness of the ceramic tile ranging from a few millimeters to 2.5 cm tiles is produced from natural ingredients forming and subsequent firing.

A special strength is achieved by double firing. Choice of ceramic tiles Select ceramic tile better in stores where it demonstrated "the masses", as tile and the wall, lined it separately look often in different ways. It is advisable to purchase only high-quality tile, and for this we must have representation of the following: tiles should not contain toxic materials; floor tiles should be made of denser material than the wall tiles, wall tiles preferred thickness 6-9 mm, and the floor – 9-12 mm, but in this case, the necessary strength. On the tile floor tiles should not wear down the glaze, it should not crack during seasonal thermal expansion of the walls. When it was made, as in any industry, there may be flaws, defects, so there is tile first, second and third grades. They determine the price of the product. First Grade – calibrated tiles, made in one shift or one day on the same production line. Under these conditions maintained uniform color tone, minimal deviation from the standard sizes.

In any case, it is worth buying only tile first class, which should be reflected on the packaging. When selecting tiles on the bathroom floor, in addition to the basic properties, it is necessary that the tile had a resistance to acids and chemicals. Sex in the toilet and bathroom requires intensive cleaning, here often go, it falls miscellaneous, so you need a tile with a high resistance to bending (the main feature – non-porous base) and attrition. When selecting tiles on the floor to eliminate the possibility of slipping. Price to tile price of tile does not adequately reflect its quality. For example, the German jets are almost always more expensive Italian and much more so – Czech. In turn, Italian tiles of excellent quality can be 1.5 times cheaper than the Czech. In addition, you should never compare the price only on the tile, it is necessary to calculate the price of a kit (wall tiles + bar + floor tile friezes + + insert). As a rule the price of the tiles in different stores may be identical, but prices for sets of very different