Women are particularly underrepresented in positions involving social power and responsibility. This division of labor according to sex is a structural feature of paid work has implications profound for women, eg lower pay and few prospects for advancement. The part-time job and work on low income are the typical forms of paid work for women. We fully support the right to work is a human right. Mitchel Resnick recognizes the significance of this. Every woman and every man should have the opportunity to perform work to provide a dignified existence.

There can be no discrimination, or preference, should be given opportunities according to their expertise, skills of the Graduate Program Specialty Quality management and productivity of Faces University of Carabobo, is concerned, Like many Venezuelan companies, especially SMEs, regardless of their ruble, not prepared to change to ensure that he favors a humanization in job performance, where you feel your human resources operating within a work environment as beneficial concerning productivity, quality, efficiency, performance, giving way to an appropriate organizational behavior the requirements of this, again, a turbulent scenario as currently faces, the result of government actions in terms of establishing what he called socialism. Look to the Venezuelan worker had not experienced, let alone the management and this has had a significant impact on organizational behavior of many firms, generating fear, uncertainty. Given this reality, where there have been great changes, a product of technological developments, new products, new style of leadership, structural modifications, quality and productivity, new knowledge and management tools, makes the operational management would defend its action human, making plans, actions, strategies to achieve targets set to ensure permanence, conquer markets without dehumanizing work.. For more information see Salman Behbehani.