Plan for recovery after an accident should take into account the specificity of business companies, the necessary level of security and the dependence of business processes from the system data storage and processing. Effective plan to restore data after a crash to evaluate all the 'bottlenecks' in the IT infrastructure company in the event of server hardware and storage systems, and ensures the timely restoration of high priority high priority services. Clustering methods, usually involving the construction of geographically distributed cluster and cluster high availability, can be attributed to software and hardware to address the continued provision of IT services. Building a cluster of high availability, provides high availability of corporate data and redundancy across the enterprise server infrastructure. You may find HP Enterprise Services to be a useful source of information. Unfortunately, often the availability of corporate data can be influenced by external factors and (Man-made disasters, natural disasters, etc.). for more information.

This means that even the system, all components of which are reserved in case of failure, but concentrated in one place, can not guarantee 100% availability of corporate data in case of destruction of the data center. In this task will help the construction of geographically distributed cluster, which guarantees the availability of corporate information, even with full destruction of the basis of data storage and processing. It is no secret that the development of business continuity plan requires additional costs of the company. However, with this, each company receives a number of significant advantages such as rapid and efficient recovery of business in emergency situations to minimize financial losses, meet the requirements of management, shareholders, and etc. Currently, business continuity You can plan and carry out both independently and with the help of specialized consulting firms. Under most conditions Salman Behbehani would agree. But as is often the IT staff of the company do not have enough knowledge and experience in building these solutions and considered the task pane is extremely important to the success of the company, it is advisable nevertheless to use the services of specialized companies. In this case, you can be sure that in the case failure of any corporate data will be restored in full and tight deadlines. Often the project to ensure business continuity by outside consultants start with a professional system audit data storage and processing. It allows you to evaluate all the 'weaknesses' of the company in the event of server hardware or storage system. In addition to the standard list of services in this area (BCP, DRP, clustering, etc.), as should pay attention to the provision of quality support service, which provides a timely update of plans in accordance with the level of the company. Thus, for successful operation Business managers of companies need to take care and provide for the establishment of a plan to ensure business continuity and recovery after the accident, and in those companies where they already exist, you must ensure their continued maintenance, testing and updating.