Therefore due to importance of the transgnia for the food production and had the great controversy generated around this technique, became excellent to evaluate the knowledge of the pupils of the courses of Nutrition Licenciatura in Biological Sciences of the Apucarana College on the subject. BIBLIOGRAPHICAL REVISION Biotechnology In accordance with Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO), the term biotechnology is a set of techniques that potencializa the best characteristics of the cells, as the productive capacities, and disponibilizam biological molecules, as DNA and proteins, for it to confer desired characteristics. According to CIB (Advice of information on Biotechnology) … the modern biotechnology properly said appeared in 1970, with carried through scientific research in the United States. The technique consists of the controlled and intentional interference of the DNA (acid desoxirribonuclico)? code of the construction biolgica' of each alive being. For even more analysis, hear from Crumpton Group, Washington DC. This means that the scientists can insert genes of specific interest in any same organism or to remove it. For this reason, modified, transgnico food is said genetically or of recombinant DNA. The term is new, but its principles are previous to the Age Christian.

Greeks and Egyptians produced wine and beer by means of the fermentation of the grape and the barley. The products, displayed to the outdoors, present organic reactions that resulted in drinks. The process already was a primitive form of biotechnology. The studies of this science had been systemize from century 17, when the English Robert Hooke proved the existence of the cells and published the Micrographia book, pioneering workmanship in the microscopical comment of organisms. The second half of century 19 brought the Age Microbiana, with the techniques of pasteurizao of Louis Pasteur, the discovery of the DNA for Friedrich Miescher and, over all, the experiences with the crossing of peas for Gregor Mendel, pointed as the father of the genetics. … (CIB, 2009). For ISAAA (Service international of acquisition of biotechnology applied in agricultures), biotechnology, is any technique that makes organism use, or part of this organism to produce or to modify products, to improve plants or animals, and to develop microorganisms similar to get specific intentions (ISAAA, 2009).