She participated in the 2007 ion of British celebrity Big Brother (Celebrity Big Brother, is its official name in English). In one of the days of living at home, Indian actress tone was serious racist insults and bullying behavior by the television star Jade Goody, model Danielle Lloyd and singer Jo O’Meara. Shetty insults received from his companions as “bitch” or “Paki bitch” (derogatory adjective used to describe the British Pakistanis), as well as mocking her accent, her way of cooking or doubting their regular hygiene, among others.Shetty, who reacted calmly to prvocaciones and eventually won the program, if even prompted the intervention of Tony Blair’s government to the protests from viewers and the national and international condemnation. The case provoked, too, protests in his native India and the Indian Minister for External Affairs Anand Sharma, demanded explanations from the British government. Goody, one of the inhabitants of the house, ended up being evicted from Big Brother by controversy before leaving racist and apologized Shetty ensuring that their allegations were without a racist. Shetty, meanwhile, said he never felt discriminated against and that was only “a clash of cultures.”