At the moment, calm has returned in the Municipality of the Reservation Caloto and Fingerprint-Caloto, particularly in the Hacienda La Emperatriz. Recent events A as reported in previous communications so far add the following: 1. The route of Santander de Quilichao to Caloto is closed in the village of San Nicolas, exactly at the top of the hill from where we descend to the town of Caloto. This is because there a bomb exploded at 4:19 am, according to preliminary reports from troops in the area. He died and another injured soldier was taken to a hospital. 2. There is no obvious presence of security forces in the Pan American Highway that connects Caloto with the stick. Inside the hacienda La Emperatriz, there is presence of soldiers and arrived on CTI. 3.According to reports from villagers and community members present at the Pan American Highway in front of The Empress, army personnel came to collect bullet casings and other evidence around 6 am 4. A version of local villagers concerns that a truck stopped in the area where fighting took about 15 minutes before they started and withdrew from the scene before they began shooting and explosions. 5. Apparently there was one soldier killed and another wounded in the legs at the Empress 6. So far it has not been possible to document or exclude the presence of other people unrelated to the security forces in the Empress. This is cause for inquiry and investigation by Indian authorities. 7. Caracol TV reported that at about 2 am, the military police attached to the Pichincha Battalion was attacked with explosives and gunfire in the hacienda La Emperatriz, killing a soldier and severely injured another.At about 4 am when army reinforcements were heading towards the site of the facts, were victims of an explosion at the site of St. Nicholas where a soldier was killed and another wounded. The two wounded were taken to the Clinica Valle del Lili in Cali. The next versions giving RCN is biased to the extent that suggest an attack by Indians against the security forces so far no evidence exists that this is the case. ACIN Authorities reaffirm our commitment to the position of the process in the sense not to engage or take part in armed conflict and therefore we demand respect for our communities and process. This aggression, wherever it comes, is an attack against our dignity, land and peaceful resistance. We mourn the death and injuries of victims. We extend our condolences to their families. We call those who are in solidarity with our commitment to life and justice to join us in this situation and help clarify the truth and for justice, not allowing us to engage in an armed conflict is the fundamental mechanism to attack our process. Huellas reservation, Caloto, Cauca September 19, 2008. Association of Indigenous Councils of Northern Cauca ACIN-Wala Cxab Kiwe From Democracy Now’s Report: The community is called Cauca and it represents one of the largest indigenous agrarian reform movements on the continent.