After the stage set in the previous film, Night of the Living Dead, the film depicts an America overwhelmed by a plague, where the symptom is the reanimation of dead human beings whose primary goal is to feed on living flesh . The cause of this plague remains defiantly inexplicable. Despite desperate efforts by the U.S. government and local civil authorities to control the situation, society has collapsed and the remaining survivors seeking any shelter they can find. Although several scenes show rural citizens and the soldiers to effectively fight the zombies, cities with high populations are essentially death traps. It implies that chaos finally comes to the provinces, as the television and radio become less frequent.The plot focuses on four survivors of Philadelphia: a local television star named Francine, her boyfriend, the pilot of traffic, Stephen, one of his friends, Roger, SWAT team member, and Peter, the ever inventive, the team also SWAT Philadelphia. As in the first film, the black character, Peter, is the main hero. Roger is increasingly reckless, while Stephen is incompetent and dependent, in a true style of the horror genre, they succumb because of their personality defects. The film begins in WGON television studio, where confusion is rife. After some exposure, the plot turns to other actors in the film, Roger, like the rest of his SWAT team are starting in an apartment building (probably because the residents, especially Hispanics and blacks, are doing ignore the martial law). It is during these scenes when Roger does his friendship with Peter, suggesting that they abandon the SWAT team, as well as Philadelphia.Later that night, the four escape from Philadelphia in a helicopter stolen from the television station, with the intention of reaching the safety of Canadian wilderness. After several stops for refueling, the group lands on the mall, they decide to turn in your own private sanctuary, blocking the large glass doors with trucks to keep the dead out. It is during this operation that the impulsive character of Roger makes this bit, sentenced to die painfully (and back to life again). After clearing the mall of its inhabitants zombies, all four are installed inside each indulging their own material desires. Eventually, Roger dies from his wound, and is released from their misery by Peter. Time passes, the dead are gathered at the entrance and the company behind the doors of the mall continues to plummet. When the novelty of his materialist utopia disappears, they begin to realize that their shelter has become his prison.Finally, his “liberation” comes in the form of a motorcycle gang who enters the mall, and the process by allowing thousands of dead creatures enter the mall. This part is a dominant theme in each of Romero zombie movie, portraying other human beings and their inability to cooperate as a greater danger than the dead themselves. During his plunder, Stephen absurdly start a battle against motorcyclists. In the end, the only real winners are the hungry zombies that feed on many of the riders, and the same Stephen. Following the revival of Stephen, this leads to a large group of hordes of dead to Francine and Peter, who are awaiting the return of Stephen. After killing Stephen, Peter realizes that the escape and does not help, making the decision to stay in the mall to die, then change your mind and Peter and Francine rooftop escape into an uncertain future, flying to away in a partially loaded fuel helicopter, ending the movie.