Argan oil is a product of great versatility which is very used for its cosmetic properties, easy application makes this oil one of the Favorites of the people who have tried it. Since argan oil was discovered in Paris, has won every day more followers in the West, is currently the largest consumer of argan oil, Europe to see the demand for argan oil, the women of the Berber tribes were organized to form cooperatives and marketing the product of their hard work. Argan hair oil is most commonly used applications that has been given to this oil, and is mainly due to which to apply it consistently, its compounds help to repair the hair fibers, filling cracks and repairing split ends, which gives brightness, strength and manageability, apart promotes the health of the scalp preventing hair loss and dandruff. Today we have even more problems to take care of our hair, because not only the weather is abusive, but that pollution, tempt them the chlorine present in the water, ripples and other processes whether they are physical or chemical we use in our daily lives to comb through us or change our appearance damaged hair, these damages are also repaired and prevented by using argan oil for hair. The same goes for the skin of the face, unfortunately the fashion and the demands of modern life make us all our skin from being damaged by the make-up which dries the skin, the air pollution makes the pores of the skin become clogged and also formation of black spots, dryness makes our skin is avejente more quickly.

To clean our face daily and apply argan oil we can help to prevent that dry out the skin and delay the signs of ageing thanks to antioxidants in this popular oil which inhibits the free radicals cause of aging and death of the cells of the skin. Typically ultraviolet rays not only damage the skin but also the hair causing this discoloration, fall and even encanezca, the use of oil of Argan hair prevents this from happening to protect hair from free radicals produced by rays ultra violet. If you like go to the beach or swimming, you’ll know that you salt and chlorine from pools of dreadful form damage your hair, is why you use of latex CAP is recommended during your swimming sessions, however this is not usually enough to protect your hair, it has been proven that argan hair after showering oil will protect your hair from chlorine and salt not only the sea but the air from the beach. Use it daily before combing your hair of preference after the bath, if your hair is very damaged, also apply it at night. For more tips and information about oil of argan hair please visit: argan hair oil