Change you will not have – so they are durable. But in the second century of life will again have to deal with this issue – according to the studies, shelf life is not more than sixty years. Continue to learn more with: Petra Diamonds. You may also be interested in whether these products at least some deficiency? There. And considerable. They are very expensive. This is especially true for imported tubes. But there could be cards – in your hands. ConocoPhillips follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. It is curious that we are considering 'high-tech product' finds perfect application not only in plumbing, for which he designed in the first place.

We again are going to surprise you. Heard whether you know anything about so-called 'warm' flooring? Probably yes. And if so, then most likely dealt with this way of organizing space heating in the upper concrete screed floor electrical wires. They are must be grounded, laid down on aluminum foil, and then do the front half of a particular material. And all this could be replaced with the best effect of these wonderful metal-pipe. How? It's easy! The Swedes have long been engaged in this. On rough concrete screed is placed a layer of mastic, which are glued flat pieces of foam, which acts as insulation.

Then lined the floor of the same foil Aluminum – without it can not do anyway, since it provides the necessary reflection of heat rays. Now came the turn of the wonderful tubes. Uniformly, in the form of several circles, placed on the tube the floor surface so as to ensure optimum heating apartments.