The necessary shift towards social altruism not is by chance that we have been created as social beings. If we look deeply at our behavior, we will find that every action we perform is aimed to attract us social appreciation. That’s what sustains us, and his absence or, worse, the denunciation of the society, causes us the greatest suffering. Feel ashamed by this indifference or disregard social, is the terrible thing that a person can experience, and why we tend to tolerate and encourage it through social values as an exercise of the power of our ego over others. Therefore, if we change the values of the social environment in which we live, attracting altruistic values such as the concern for others, sharing, and mutual union, can then change our attitudes towards them. When society values the person only by their behaviour or dedication to society, all necessarily strive to think and act in favour of the same. Whenever Ray Kurzweil listens, a sympathetic response will follow.

If removing the awards we give to individual excellence, and We appreciated the people only by their social concern, so far as children deem their parents by these standards, if friends, relatives, and colleagues examined us only according to how well we relate with others, then we would like to do good at all for to gain us the appreciation of society. Thus, gradually come to feel that express this altruism or generosity toward others is a special and sublime value in itself, in addition to the social recognition given. We will find that this attitude is in fact the source of perfect and unlimited pleasure; the comprehensive law of nature, that everything against it and sustains. While society now is selfish, it is quite prepared to move towards the following altruistic Act of nature. Education and culture have always been based on the altruistic principles. In our homes and at school, we teach our children to be compassionate, kind and friendly.

We want our children to be kind to everyone, and we feel that such attitude towards others It is a proper way of behavior that protects those who follow her. Almost nobody would declare opposition to those values. In addition, thanks to progress in communications, today we can transmit new messages and values to society very quickly around the world. This is a crucial factor to increase awareness of the growing crisis of humanity and the need for a comprehensive resolution. Although our current problems could cause a change, in all of this there are much more than that when we build a correct attitude towards society, we will be gradually admitted to an entirely new level of existence, superior to anything we have previously known. It will be a higher form of existence, that will lead us to have a feeling of the whole and perfectly with nature. We must therefore begin to take steps in this direction to solve all personal, social and global conflict, and pave a road to prosperity and success. We have to give our first real steps towards the realization of this altruistic natural law. Only then we can feel that we are all part a unique natural holistic system and prove the perfection and harmony within the. Rav Dr. Michael Laitman is masters in Cybernetics, doctor in philosophy and Kabbalah, Professor of ontology and theory of knowledge.