S-11-2001 USA received the worst attack in its history in its continental soil. The military response that gave had a great diplomatic support and demonstrated that the mega-power was at its peak. Bush, who debuted in power after losing elections, became one of the most popular Presidents who has had their nation. Seven years later much of that political capital has vanished. Bin Laden and Mullah Omar continue to operate free while Bush has become one of the most unpopular Presidents that has had U.S.

and his country undergoes questioning. For the first time in 16 of the 20 Latin American republics history have Presidents who claim of one form or another from left. Russia has just made his biggest challenge in the post-cold war having invaded Georgia and recognized the separation of two regions of this. China is showing it is prepared to compete as equals with the United States. Today America is in recession and eight weeks of their choices.

Washington urges defeat Al Qaeda if it wants to regain its prestige world. McCain wants to make it doing a more offensive than that made Bush in Iraq and considering staying there until a century. Obama represents the opposite pole as he always questioned attacking Iraq because he what he wants is to get out there to concentrate on hunting Osama. Paradoxically, for the first time a leader of the third world can become the great voter of USA. A new attack, for example, inclinaria the balance in favor of McCain, who showed as any threat to national security, such as the Russian-Georgian war, always makes you raise points.