Shortly after this car we started to circulate the world met the tragic event of the twin towers in new york and apartir hence diverted world attention again to the Middle East and a war by the conquest of petroleum deposits covered by the fear of international terrorism. Never heard of these initiatives which buscaban replace the use of petroleum for automotive applications. The paper industry trembles before a legal cannabis at level global paper industry is a threat to the ecosystem. The digital age does not seem to put a brake to wide demand to have the role. Although there are now electronic books many choose to print them to read them with convenience, in schools already do not you dictate and is copied but they are commanded to students to print documents. Before enviabas a letter and was that a letter, now you send a fax and you are actually using paper twice. I have no statistics on this data but to my way of seeing things for paper demand grows as technology advances.

To produce paper must be felling forests and trees it takes too long to grow, to be its growth so slow, the contribution made to the environment these trees in the field of oxygen is very limited.Not only cannabis plant replaces the petroleum and its derivatives and some antidepressant drugs but that it is also much more efficient in the production of paper, because one hectare cultivated cannabis produces four times more paper than what you can produce one cultivated hectare in trees and in addition a single cannabis plant requires 110 days to complete their process of growth. Marijuana is easier to control that marijuana smoking to be a totally natural plant without addictive, does not represent a high risk of addiction as if represents it the tobacco that is additionally enhanced with mal intencionados commercials that make many without explicarsen as they end up buying with smoking cigarette. The tobacco industry also has their fears, in addition there is a large percentage of marijuana smokers that abhor cigarette for being so harmful and have reached a very high status in society. The alcohol industry afraid of marijuana as well as many marijuana consumers abhor cigarette also there are those who detest alcohol damage that this can cause. It is estimated that only in the UK die prematurely more than 90,000 people in the next year due to alcohol consumption. The alcohol industry fear that many choose to consume marijuana as an alternative to alcohol by being much more cheap and friendly to the Agency.