According to the activity or money companies can be classified according to their activity, in: Industrial. The primary activity of these businesses is the production of goods through the transformation of matter or extraction of raw materials. The industries, in turn, are classified as Extractive. When you engage in the exploitation of natural resources, whether renewable or nonrenewable. Examples of these businesses are the fishing, logging, mining, oil, etc.. Manufacturing: They are companies that transform raw materials into finished products, and can include: From final consumption. Produce goods that directly satisfy consumer needs. For example: clothing, furniture, food, electrical appliances, etc.. Production. These satisfy the final consumer. Example: light machinery, chemicals, etc.. Commercial. They are intermediaries between producer and consumer, its primary function is the purchase and sale of finished products. Can be classified into: Wholesale: They sell large-scale or broad strokes.Retailers (retailers) sell retail. Brokers: They sell what is not yours, are on consignment. Service. Are those that provide service to the community which in turn are classified as financial institutions Tourism Transportation Utilities (energy, water, communications) Private Services (consulting, sales, advertising, accounting, administrative) Aesthetic Education Finance Health