Today, they are present in almost every little bit equipped with a phone. In the Samsung Wave also has application to access Twitter and Facebook, but the most interesting – a service of Social Hub and a widget for it Feeds & Update. The widget displays the desktop window with tape updates of three services: Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace. Such a scheme used in the Android-smartphone HTC. True, we must consider that for constant updates feature requires access to the network traffic and consume battery power.

If traffic flow is minimal, then the battery at a constant Access to the network will be discharged to 30-40% faster. Describe other widgets do not make sense, we mention only that the most liked. Buddies Now – shows a list of favorite contacts on the desktop. Most Visited – displays a list of the last Web sites that are browsing. Fast is an accelerometer that changes the screen orientation, and very easy to use motion sensor that allows to deploy the screen horizontally for easy viewing Web pages and scrolling through photos in the gallery. The latter can scroll without touching the screen, and simply tilting the device.

Bringing up the rear of raisins control with gestures. Apparently, the function is being active development. While that may mute the ringer or alarm, simply turning the phone. A similar trick was used in the Nokia 8800 Arte. In addition, you can open a particular application, tapping on the hull. Equipped with Samsung Wave works in the networks of the second (GSM 850/900/1800/1900) and third generation (UMTS 900/2100).