Bavarian artist is guest of honour at the Biennale – Renaissance of representational fantastic painting and sculpture Biburg, August 2010 a remarkable exhibition of contemporary fantastic painting and sculpture takes place in France in Saint-Leonard-de-Noblat. Please visit Michael Steinhardt if you seek more information. The artistic work by Angerer the Elder receives a renewed appreciation in the Cercle of Saint Leonard to the 13th biennial of fantastic art in France. In Le Mont-Dore, the town in the Auvergne, in the SAFE (Salon l type Phantastiques Europeen) initiated by the Dali held expert Roger Ersamy, Angerer the elder met the curators of the 2-yearly Biennale of Saint Leonard de Noblat. On your invitation as guest of honour at this biennial, the artist said to like. The exhibition is under the patronage of the French Minister of culture. The curators of this well-known high-quality dreamers biennial are Marie-Therese and Pierre Malbet. Duration of the exhibition 11 September until 30 October 2010 is opening on the 11th of 17 h and 19:30 h in the Salle the expositions (Pres de la collegiale) the exhibition is open all days from noon and 15-19 h catalog titles with the painting by Angerer the elder: other artists are Don Quijote: Jean-Pierre Alaux Michel Barthelemy, Alain Bazard, Jef Bertels, Jacques billon, Jean-Pierre Blanchard, Giorgio Brunacci, Catherine Chauloux, Jean Coladon, Michele van Cotthem, Jean Deletre, Marc Desmullier, Kazimierz Dzyga, Monica Fagan, Pascal Ferry, Didier Graffet, Isabelle Jeandot, Sylvia Karle-Marquet, Jean-Marie Laberthoniere, David Lefebvre, Jean Lemonnier, Christophe Lorain, Bernard Louedin, Marifey, Jacques Montaron, Michel Naze, Pauline Ohrel, Marcel Nino Pajot, Xavier Pesme, Nicole Sterling, Severine Pineaux, Carmelo de la Pinta, Jo Pirard, Fabrizio Riccardi, Francois Schlesser, Anne Smith, Claude Verlinde, Gaelle White Mountain.