was formed in late 1990 after CEO Ronald Perelman acquired Revlon’s parent company Marvel Entertainment. This resulted in the re-entry of Marvel on film and television business. Marvel Studios Avi Arad was led by 13 May 1993 as President and Chief Executive Officer until October 1998, taking on other functions within the company as executive producer of feature films for Marvel, but remains chairman and CEO of Marvel Studios. . U.S. 525 million without recourse to debt financing up to 10 films produced using Marvel is completed in September 2004. In 2005, Michael Helfant Joins study and as President and Chief Operating Officer. In March 2007, David Maisel was named President of Marvel Studios, Kevin Feige as President of Production among several high-level employees and promotions in the study as Iron Man: Iron Man started filming. In 2008, the signing of a lease studio Raleigh Studios to house its headquarters and production office of film and the next four films, including “Iron Man 2” at its facility in Manhattan Beach .