Was created by the Vala Morgoth in the wells of strength, Angband, at some point in the First Age of the Sun and was reared there, becoming the most powerful dragon of all ages, even more powerful than Glaurung, who until then holds the title.
Ancalagon was a first Uruloki (fire dragon) which possessed the ability to fly, and this new species was dubbed Dragon winged dragons. In the War of Colera, Ancalagon was in command of the army of dragons of Morgoth. When I left Angband, his huge body hidden sunlight. That’s when Earendil appeared Vingilot on board, leading the Eagles to Manwe. Ancalagon was killed by Earendil and drop dead, his body Thangorodrim demolition. The rest were exterminated winged dragon with him, although it is known that some survived, of whom fell Smaug, the dragon that appears in the novel The Hobbit.