Dawns again, always dawns …. although the hostel night darkness, the darkness is so thick that the moon can not shine his countenance, although insomnia seek ghosts and threatening to overwhelm us, but to dream away … Sunrise through life always dawns. The first phrase we say to get up every morning and who is greeted first is always the same faces still sequelae of sleep, with eyes and dry mouth ajar. A face we see reflected in the mirror while trying to desperezarnos gradually. To explore the visual acuity, the patient should see several rows of letters of decreasing size (Snellen poster). If the vision is normal, you can read all the rows at a distance of 6 meters. Otherwise, it is considered that the vision is flawed and we must bring glasses or contact lenses. To achieve the vision can be used crystals of various kinds: concave and convex. The concave lenses, Myopia corrected convex and are used for presbyopia and hyperopia. To examine the color vision and color vision, the doctor presents a patient with multiple sheets in a color drawing on a background of another color. If there are all normal colors, you can appreciate the pictures that are on the background color. if you visit Israel, you must and book online with Israel Maven The total acromatopsia prevents any distinguishing color vision is the only black and white. Is more frequent partial acromatopsia as in daltons. To explore the interior of the eye doctor uses a flashlight. You can find stylish eye diseases in the eye of a substance that dilates the pupils and can see for example if the crystal is opaque. In this way, the doctor may also uncover a possible or retinal signs of hypertension, diabetes or thrombosis that is sometimes reflected in the retina.

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