In 2007, we should expect widespread use raklamodatelyami video advertising on the Internet. This is facilitated by use of the already large number of users a broadband connection, a wide introduction of technologies to broadcast video on the web sites and reducing the cost of downloadable information users. In addition, it is undeniable that there are now some getting used to the audience traditional formats of online advertising, which reduces the efficiency of its application, and makes advertisers look for new ways to disseminate information to consumers. Appear and solutions to locate and display video ads on the pages of websites. Now we can say about the two main forms of accommodation and display video ads on the Internet. First: advertising and shown to visitors of Internet video channels and websites service publication of the private videos. They are placed before the main plot and the viewer who wants to watch videos of interest to him, is forced to view the promotional video. Second: video advertising and branding video posted as a separate element of the page of the website.

Advertisers may well be of interest to both the above forms of placing video advertising on the Internet. It is worth to say about the video banner. Video banners are a symbiosis of traditional Internet banner and video player. As the format of online advertising, they are no longer a novelty. Attempts have been made for their application at the beginning of this century. But only in 2007 advertisers are showing increasing interest in this format.