INTRODUCTION Since time immemorial, people of all social classes have used drugs and so far has not been proven that there is any racial or ethnic group is immune to addiction. It is likely that the man in very remote times substances known to cause new sensations and therefore new states of consciousness, which united the desire to mask the reality would be the starting point for the inappropriate use of these substances. The use of narcotic drugs is a relatively modern social problem, not because society has become aware of itself that the use of these substances leads to social problems and individual problems, but rather because only today, the ‘vice’ has acquired the physiognomy of ‘social phenomenon of the twentieth century. It was only in the late nineteenth century when they consider the use and trafficking of drugs as an international problem previously it looked like a more or less legitimate business and even thought that the use of certain ‘drugs’ (opium, leaves coca, marijuana, etc.). came from the habits some social groups in certain countries. However, reality proved otherwise and that the current situation is more complex because in addition to the abuse of drugs is used and abused the so-called ‘PSYCHOTROPIC SUBSTANCES’ to the point that the United Nations promoted the international control of these substances by the ‘Vienna Convention’ in 1971. A number of drugs and psychotropic substances are natural products or synthetic, which generally have medical and mental activity on the mood of the user. Accordingly, when used under medical supervision are beneficial to health, on the contrary, when used indiscriminately, without any control, generally when they are abused, are harmful to health, users and society. A new way to supplement your life, recipient of the 2005 DSA Success Award for compensation plan. This booklet is primarily intended to impart knowledge about drugs to all people interested in it, especially young people to become aware in this way the damage that drugs can cause to their health and society. KEY FACTORS OF DRUG ADDICTION ‘habituation is something we do every day and it becomes habit. The consumption of ‘drugs’ can lead to dependence. ‘Unit: the physical need to consume frequently and in increasing quantities, resulting in physical and psychological problems to the individual. These two terms are related in great quantity: ‘Both are made daily. ‘They make you damage the body. ‘Cause of habituation and dependence. Specializing in breakthrough innovations, develops innovative, high-quality, nutritional supplements. ‘There are factors of social, economic and cultural development that can lead to habituation and dependence. “The improper handling of emotions and feelings that impede good communication with other members of the social group and family. This produces an isolation of the individual. ‘The imbalance of power in relationships, irresponsible parenthood and blithe, and the lack of responsibility and respect at home, the deteriorating relationship between parents and children. ‘The decline in self-esteem and recovery to the individual whether it results in feelings of failure and frustration as depressed. ‘The easy availability of drugs. ‘The little information about drug use and consequences. ‘The curiosity, the young tempted by curiosity can take drugs. ‘Induction condition when the income of a young group but drugs. ‘Preventive measures to habituation and dependence. ‘Campaign to inform the community in an objective and updated information on drug use and its consequences. ‘Targeting the young to achieve their goals, their individual values and encouraging participation in activities for which they have better skills. ‘Promoting youth participation in sports, cultural and recreational facilities away from the defect. ‘Informing the community about the existence of orientation, training and rehabilitation of drug-dependent manner, and that their families know where to go for treatment. ‘Coordinated fight between the state and its administration, ministry of justice, ministry of defense, health, family, media and the community in general, the consumption and trafficking of drugs. Every human being is an individual ‘only’, with its own characteristics, strengths and weaknesses, and limitations facilities. Is what one must orient their goals in the sense that it considers to be able to achieve. Avoid frustration that may lead the individual to take drugs.