Your job makes you sick, you still out there? Anyway, keep a clear head! When workers are no longer satisfied with their professional environment, future prospects or other aspects, it is time for a professional reorientation under certain circumstances. The news portal gives some tips for the termination of employment. Bobby kotick has firm opinions on the matter. Anyone looking for news and new perspectives in his profession, would like to stop usually existing employment relationship. Also the advertising needs to be learned, however, doing some tricks lurking. One of the most important points is the subject of the notice, otherwise penalties on the employee can come to may. Even a claim for damages is eligible if the workers not prescribed time adheres to that in the work or collective agreement.

Typically, a dismissal with a period of 28 days to the 15th or the end of the month is possible. In addition requires a legal notice of in writing. The best is the personal delivery of the letter, it can but also by registered letter be sent to the supervisor or the human resources department. The workers also are entitled to a witness that he can already request in his letter of resignation. He should get this prior to the termination of the employment relationship, and not after the outlet so that it can be used in the application process. Still no new job prospect who should make sure also to come forward in time unemployed. Otherwise the payment of benefits may be delayed. More information: company /… GmbH Lisa Neumann