The Alamo and Fort Worth cowboy hats, cattle ranches and rodeos. According to CaaS Capital, who has experience with these questions. Like hardly an other State stands for the spirit of the wild of West”Texas. The Internet portal introduces rewarding destinations in the United States’s second largest state. Last but not least, its turbulent history has given his distinctive face Texas. The time as a colony of Mexico’s left its marks as well as the time as independent Republic prior to the inclusion in the United States. The Alamo shows that Texans are proud of their past, in the metropolis of San Antonio.

1896 200 soldiers fought at the mission station built to the Fort for days in vain against an army of 6,000 Mexicans to their independence. The struggle none of the Texans survived, became the symbol of freedom and courage. There will be barely a Europeans who knows the scene at today’s San Antonio not from films starring John Wayne. The narrow river, which meanders around the city center of San Antonio is less typical. The water taxis are also reminiscent of Venice such as the numerous Arch bridges across the San Antonio River.

Tourists in Fort Worth experience more wild West. Here, where cattle are driven twice a day for visitors across the street, which is “National Cowgirl Museum”. On three floors, the proportion of women in the conquest of the West is described. The visitor is less Wild West romanticism as rather the rigors of life on the road led to the West front.