Do not go on the run to borrow some money to my family and friends, he could not get to cover my expenses. Well, you know my friends from my own experience. For life or fate, or as we like to call him, always picking on the most suitable. As if he knew beforehand that destination to where we could reach our inner strength. The reality is that we all love put our head in the pillow at night, and feel at peace, free from bonds and debts, without worrying about the future so uncertain.

It is true that to get to this peace, I had to give up many things, parties, tours, meetings with friends. And what I took was to give up old paradigms telling me that everything in human life is written in advance. That forces can do nothing against the black stars of destiny. But there are loose around the world, thousands of terminally ill that science showed its hospitals. The thousands of "lunatics misunderstood" than the overnight, its illusions and castles built, transforming them into solid gold. People who came to the dark pit of the soul, but did not stay to live forever in it, for that same force that compelled him to go down, also had the power to raise it up at the height of their prosperity golden skies and happiness. I spent nights studying the life of those who had the courage to overcome their weaknesses. Not I had to travel outside my city, because in my own neighborhood I see these champions of life, who were able to forge with their minds the best of their dreams and bring them to reality.