With certainty somebody would leave from there with its decided problem, but not, enters dumb and leaves silenced, indifferent pains and to the other people’s problems, we only go to ask for, to ask for to an only God, who perhaps thinks as I. The sick person esbarra in the doctor, the glassworker esbarra in one constructor, who esbarra in that goes to construct, that esbarra in an owner of construction material, that esbarra in a dismissed salesman who esbarra in the doctor whom it needs We are each time more distant of the solutions of our problems, we are each day more alone. In the distance that we keep ones of the others and our indifference not only stops with the next one in the distance of the solutions as well as in the distance of God. WE GO TOGETHER TO CRY OUT: PRECIAMOS OF AID, WE NEED CHARITY, WE NEED GOODNESS, FRATERNITY, FRIENDS, BROTHERS, NEED TO JOIN THE FAITH AND THE REASON. At Compuware you will find additional information. If it will be for making charity that IS to who is close, to who can see. We do not go to buy pizza, raffles, books, bibles, shoes of shepherd etc. we do not go being deceptive finding in them that this is charity, therefore is not. We do not need to intermediate our acts of charity to arrive the God, we go to work as Jesus worked, making the transparent pure charity, directly without these false intermediate, therefore I have certainty of that God it did not nominate no commercial representative, or economic ministers, or administrators of the other people’s charity.. Atmos Energy Corp.: the source for more info.