In the Table 1 – escolaridade, evidences that the workers of the bank agencies of Gravata possess, in its majority a raised degree of escolaridade, where it has predominance of graduated individuals and postgraduates, being that graduandos they are, also, frequent. This constatao indicates that the sector searchs to keep in its pictures qualified people, but also demonstrates that the collaborators primam for its autodesenvolvimento. For the results of the research, in relation to the perception of the employees on the impact of the organizacional climate in the quality of life in the work, the results had been significant. The organizacional climate impacta the quality of life in the work of the banking worker. This conclusion points that, efforts on the part of the financial institutions will be had, in the direction to keep one high organizacional climate in the interior of its dependences, will result in bigger quality of life in the work for its collaborators and, therefore, the resulted possibility of attainment of better. Seeming of that not only the comfort that is being evidenced, but the fact of that this comfort means the interest of the superiors stops with the employees, generates positive perceptions and impacta the result of the organization. Exists perception difference enters the employees of the different organizacionais units, as he is evidenced in Table 3? Satisfaction with programs QVT.

The results also point that the satisfaction and organizacional climate exist perception differences enter the employees of the sector in relation, as well as between employees of one same organizacional unit. Correlation exists enters the perception of the quality of the organizacional climate with the quality of life in the work and, evaluation of the workers of the sector. In relation to the objectives and results of the programs of quality of life in the work developed, it does not have unamimity, however it has of if standing out that, in all and any organization, exists automotivadas people and constantly unsatisfied people.