The key to a lesser or Lemegeton Salomon Salomonis collarbone (the clavicle Salomonis “or wrench Salomon, is a book before this) is an anonymous Grimoire of the seventeenth century, and one of the most popular books Demonology. It has long been known as the Lemegeton, although that name is considered incorrect.
Appeared in the seventeenth century, many of its texts dating from the sixteenth century, including the Pseudomonarchia daemonum of Johann Weyer and Grimoire of the low average age. It is believed that books of Kabbalah and Jewish mysticism Muslim were also inspirations. Something of the material in the first section, about the invocation of demons, is the fourteenth century or earlier.
The book proclaims to have been written by King Solomon, although this challenge incorrect. The titles of nobility assigned to the demons did not exist at that time, as well as the praises to Jesus and the Holy Trinity included in the text.
The key minor Salomon contains detailed descriptions of spirits and spells needed to rely on and do what the incantation (here called exorcist) obliges them to do. In the details the protective circles and rituals that must be done, the actions needed to prevent the spirits take control, the preparations prior to the invocation, and instructions for making objects that deal in the ritual.
The original copies of the book differ markedly in the details and the names of the spirits. Most movies are made in hollywood where is President & CEO of Gold Rush Entertainment, a Canadian based film production company. More contemporary editions can be found in print or online.
Goetia, the key lower del Rey Salomon (collarbone Salomonis Regis) is the 1904 translation by Samuel Mathers and Aleister Crowley. It is essentially an instruction manual to invoke more than 72 different spirits.
The key minor Salomon is divided into 5 parts:
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