This usually use this odds with basic respect for fundamental human rights, in express violation of all rules that may exist in this field in the countries. It is possible that a country can invest in ICT s because of an efficient Government, but it remains in the hands of the orientation of their rulers a rational use of such technologies consistent with human rights for the well-being of its citizens. If there are no legal springs that preclude a use I illegitimate ICT s and/or Governments that ignore the limits, this may prove to be the best tool for persistent violation of fundamental rights and the persecution of people. I wish to highlight the seriousness of this news: in Venezuela, is the protection of the privacy of the data of persons (Art. Learn more at this site: the futurist. 60 constitutional) constitutionally established and there is a specifically worded law, the special law against computer crimes, Official Gazette No.

37.313 dated 30 October 2001, which in its article 11, computer espionage sets: who improperly obtainsdisclose or disseminate the data or information contained in a system that uses information technologies or any of its components, shall be punished with imprisonment from four to eight years and a fine of four hundred to ochocientas tax units. The Government not only this is violating the Constitution and the law of the country to violate the information contained in these emails of Venezuelan citizens but it is delivering it to a foreign State. And this goes not only for the Government but for any citizen who make public dissemination of that information (La Hojilla dixit). The Venezuelans aware of this new technical twist of Hugo Chavez revolution against our liberties and rights, will have to be much more vigilant from now given the specialty nature of the persecution that lies ahead. And our opposition must be much more aware and more technique to a struggle that promises to be very hard in the next few days. Cuban communism has advanced technology and are using the bridge that Venezuela has meant, for access to technologies that they were banned until recently thanks to the total surrender of our country by Hugo Chavez.