Traffic and much!. This is the dream of all ciberempresario. After all, without a constant stream of visitors, or should say, potential customers that go to your web site, how win your fortune electronically? The first place that the majority of new business van when need quick traffic is search engines. And very well done. After all, a position of ranking high in one of the major search engines is an effective way to increase traffic to your web site without investing in advertising with hard earned money. The statistics have repeatedly shown that anywhere between 20% and 80% of your visitors find your web site through a search engine.

However, you should also know that according to the statistics, the majority of navigators in the network never seek beyond the first 30 results obtained. Bearing that in mind, it is clear that a high position should be the goal of any owner of astute web site. But the first places are not obtained crossing fingers and putting blind your website at 900 or more search engines and directories using a free subscription service. The competition to achieve the first places is becoming fierce, so it is important to learn the correct techniques if you want to make sure that your website is positioned in a good place, and is also very important that you do when this great advertising medium still remains free. As I said earlier, to generate enough traffic to your web site, it is essential that your website is positioned at the top of the search engines. Perhaps you are wondering, what search engines are set to position my web site? Well, although each search engine uses a different algorithm series for positioning web sites, generally speaking, here are some major factors that search engines consider today. 1. High link popularity Vista, Excite, Lycos and promotion in web pages of Yahoo! searchers used a system of ranking that makes measurement and ranking of the number of links going to a web site in particular.