Many have been the commentaries after the exit of iPad, personally I have received long debates in my publications of Twitter on the part of colleagues when mentioning my interest to acquire the device, good, because a new horizon not very distant appears after the exit of this device hated by many, loved by others, Chrome OS. Chrome OS, for those who do not know, is the operating system developed by Google which operates the capacities of the Cloud back leaving the desktop applications and removing benefit from the suite of office automation of Google Apps, mail, communications among others. Then, when it was announced makes a pair of months truly did not see in this operating system a competition against present the OSx and Windows, because some to think that we only needed the cloud to work and to be productive, are of being a near reality. (although I confess to them that the majority of my services them work in the cloud, in fact, if I do not have Internet, I do not ignite the equipment). But even so they were not possible to be placed now at the level of the traditional operating systems and with exit of iPad and his limitations, Chrome OS takes force and it is seen like a strong competitor to use the device, since it would enter to replace all the absences of present iPad. And it is that this if the battle would be a success of google then or would not be between the device like so, but the operating system that uses, the different houses from these devices would begin or a hardware battle to guarantee that the best experience of user, iPad would be hackeado and have the possibility of installing the Chrome OS, Sony, samsung, htc and other so many would show their models and in its boxes it would say: Compatible Chrome OS. I saw yesterday in a video which would be the experience of user with Chrome OS installed in iPad, it is only assembly, but good dot. The letters are served, the possibilities expand, a new niche of market begins to arise with the exit of tables, we hope that will be placed in point of the spear at the time of comparing sales, yield, functionality and price. I let a video to them of Chrome OS to contextualise my entrance day of today.