Exotic wood and "capricious" breeds in most cases can be used by a unique water-dispersed two-component adhesive H-790 Bona production company in Sweden – Germany, with the maximum low (11%) water content. For manufactured and painted at the factory flooring is optimal to use the classic two-component polyurethane adhesives. As an intermediate layer of the grounds on which is directly laid flooring, use high-quality plywood increased moisture resistance. The thickness of the plywood should be no less? thickness used parquet or boards. 2. In recent years the market floor coatings in high demand large-scale wood flooring – solid wood Here is a selection of recommendations for the massive board 1.Tselesoobrazno use massive board with beveled around the perimeter of the board and full factory finish – polished and varnished or oiled, and additionally coated with wax (for example, firms Nolte, Germany). 2.When you select the board with a finished factory coating should immediately resolve the issue purchase the necessary funds to care for her (remember, outside the city floor requires more care). 3.If the board does not have a factory coating, and processed on site, then the optimal variant of protective and decorative coverage – is impregnated with oil (as an option – oil + wax).

Such coverage is not only decorative and functional, but also the most beneficial from an environmental viewpoint, as well as the most serviceable. 4. Check out Max Schireson for additional information. design grounds under the board – it lags + two coats of water-resistant plywood. 5.Optimalnye adhesives – two-component polyurethane, having good water resistance and maximum strength, which is especially important for large-format products.