In our time more than 70 percent of people play games, not necessarily in computer. since childhood and ending people, they all play different games. But the question now will be about computer games and online games Many in including myself, believe that the games cause some kind of relationship and I take off completely agree. I had experience in dealing with people who for weeks did not go into the street, but what's there on the street – they have a computer for weeks climbs and climbs, they do not because I played the game tell me what a normal person would not get up from your computer for weeks? It is clear that the game in a certain way too interesting, but does not delve into them so much I advise to go for more the street, communicating with friends, etc. It is not necessary to go into the virtual world and thus to forget about reality. To play in moderation, but not for days or even weeks. In general all this nonsense, the article was written to accommodate lower link =). But anyway in this article has some truth .