The components of stacks and batteries possess metals weighed in its composition, that are extremely toxic and bioacumulativos, therefore, if discarded incorrectly impacta in serious ambient problems and to the health human being. With this it is intended to elaborate a problematic critical analysis on the ambient one caused by the discarding of stacks and batteries, and analysis of the effective administrative act in the country. Studies had demonstrated that the reutilizao of the chemical components is possible gifts in these materials, transforming them into raw material for formation of diverse other products for different industrial branches, getting in such a way, a lucrative financial return. Word-key: Stacks/Batteries/Discarding/Reutilizao. Abstract: This work aims you collect dates about the current situation of the disposal of batteries in Brazil, focusing on the Salvador metropolitan region through interviews saw questionnaires.

The components of batteries ploughs heavy metals in to their composition, which ploughs highly toxic and bioaccumulative, if improperly discarded in serious only environmental impacts and human health. With this we intend you develop the environmental critical analysis of the problems caused by disposal of batteries, and review of administrative action in forces in the country. Studies have shown it is possible you reuses the chemical components found in these materials, turning them into raw material will be formation of various to other products will be several industries, thereby achieving profitable financial return. Key- words: You pound/Batteries/Disposal/Reuses. Introduction In the society contemporary, increases each time more, the necessity to study the discarding and the recycling of stacks and batteries, since, exists one sped up growth of the world-wide population, causing an increase of the manufacturing production of technologies and consequentemente one increasing in the consumption and the use of electro-electronic products that are fed by portable energy.