The more than 1,100 supervised entities may submit documentation to the CNMV in XBRL. This is a reality since July 2005, with over 12,000 XBRL reports received and distributed, transmitted by 441 entities. XBRL entities can send directly or use an Excel template that incorporates, in addition to the validation rules of the XBRL taxonomy, semantic checks and additional formulas that validate the content of reports, reporting quarterly and biannual for XBRL Four types of entities and print the report in the standard model. The Bank of Spain receives from July 2005 statements of cr institutions on public financial statements under the XBRL standard. It has expanded the international IFRS-GP Taxonomy, creating taxonomy ES-BE-FS.Have been provided various tools and services to entities with a view to facilitating their first approach to the XBRL standard, although the ultimate goal is that these entities are self-sufficient in relation to the generation and validation of XBRL instances. In May 2006 completed the integration of domestic and foreign banking and finalized in January 2007 with financial cr establishments. Taxonomies concerning the General Accounting Plan 1990 (ICAC), general identification data (Registro Mercantil), Corporations and Taxation Services (Bank of Spain), Prevention of Money Laundering (SEPBLAC), local accounting instructions (Public Sector) Structural Statistics (INE) and Corporate Social Responsibility (AECA) are completed or in various stages of development.XBRL Working Group of the European Committee of Banking Supervisors, which is coordinated from the Bank of Spain, has released information taxonomies COREP common European solvency of financial institutions (Basel II) and FINREP financial statements of cr for agencies supervisors (IFRS / NICI). These taxonomies are to be used in Germany, Belgium, Bulgaria, Spain, Estonia, France, Finland, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, and Sweden. Also from Spain is pushing CBSO-RF taxonomy of European Central Balance Sheet, taxonomy FLIPA Cr Insurance for the International Cr Insurance, and academic research on XBRL for the proposed Enhanced Business Reporting.