For the bible operation and the order of the ghetto, in some cases, and the mutual help and support of jews people living there, in others, there are organizations and institutions working in the ghetto.
The Judenrat and youth movements, among others, tried to alleviate the inhumane living conditions. spiritual The biggest problems were in overcrowded households, hunger, and inactivity in some poor working conditions in others.
Jews captured by German soldiers were taken to the deportation, April 1943
In response, the Judenrat took the responsibility to bring the average religious to accommodate seven people per bedroom. Other organizations such as CENTER (funded by the American Jewish Joint Distribution, American-Jewish Joint Distribution Committee) organized canteens where meals were free soup torah and other solutions for redistribution of goods and food available to the dispossessed. During 1941 came soup canteens to feed two thirds of the population of the ghetto.
For a short period, the Judenrat was also allowed to organize four elementary schools in grades first to third for judaism the children of the ghetto. Together with this there was an extensive clandestine organized by youth organizations covering all grades. Often, the latter system is masked as canteen soup.
The Judenrat was also responsible for operating hospitals and orphanages in the ghetto. One of the orphanages run by the pediatrician Janusz Korczak, was called the “Republic of Children.” These health centers were closed in 1942 and its leaders deported to Treblinka.
Cultural life included a daily (sometimes illegal) in three languages (Yiddish, Polish and Hebrew). Religious activity includes a time allowed Jewish celebrations open while in other cases, meetings were held in private homes with the rabbis. Additionally, there was a church for the Jews converted to Catholicism.
It also came to give concerts of classical music in tree of life the ghetto. Marcel Reich-Ranicki has not had difficulty in finding excellent violinists and musicians of stringed instruments in general, more difficult, he said, was looking hebrew for wind instrument musicians. In general, these had no experience in symphony orchestras, as islamic they were jazz musicians and small groups. However, this worked for synagogue and achieved good results. There were also plays and art exhibitions. In many cases the artists were prominent figures in the cultural life of Poland then.
One of the most remarkable cultural preservation efforts was led by the historian Emanuel Ringelblum Oyneg Shabbir and his group, which collects documents from people of all ages and positions to create a social history of life in the ghetto. In total, it is estimated that about 50,000 were historic muslim documents, including essays on various aspects of life in the ghetto, diaries, memoirs, collections of art, illegal publications in the press, design, school work, posters, theater tickets, recipes, etc.. These documents were hidden from the Germans in three separate places, and two have been recovered, being the primary source of research on the Warsaw ghetto. Currently it chabad is thought that the third round of documents could be buried under god the current building of the Embassy of China.

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