When there is a need to download the footage from camcorder to a computer, it will come available in a bundled docking station Handycam Station. It is connected to a computer via a usb 2.0 interface provides data transfer. Optionally, you can initiate a fully automated process recording footage on a dvd with just one touch of a button One Touch dvd Burn on the sidebar docking station. To ensure the safety video, a system for Sony hdd Smart Protection, which provides multiple layers of protection hard disc. The first level of protection is specially designed physical shock absorbers.

As the experts Sony, 3G-sensor can detect the sudden acceleration of a fall, and automatically keep the head preventing them from being damaged or the disc itself on impact. Moreover, if at this moment is shot, the camera directs the flow of video data in the buffer memory for as long as the drive snaps into position. All purports to have not lost a single frame. Elite Home Theater Sony STR-DS710 – a chance to become direct witnesses of the events depicted on screen. Technical improvement of components tends to one result – the transfer of realist cinema in living conditions. In modern films happening on the screen requires audio – video system explosive dynamics, scale, among other things, detail and clarity of sound and image. It does not matter what you prefer – a melodrama, comedy or action film. The distant sound of the river, heels or the rustle of leaves should be reproduced as realistically as explosions.

In life, it is enough standard, quality and professionally installed kit. Sound needs to be a source of harmony and emotional satisfaction. The structure of the sound in the living space has the same meaning as the shape and color. In creating a home theater system can be based on any component, but it is important to take into account the ratio between the components, their compatibility, the ability to upgrade, acceptable tolerances for assembly. Audio-Video-receiver – it is an elite luxury or justifiable means to achieve the maximum combination of sound quality and full functionality? For one, the seven channels of powerful amplification, input, switched digital audiovideosignalov through hdmi (with protection Copy HDCP), a fast USB-port (playback directly from the flash drive), a sensitive FM-tuner, advanced auto-calibration with stereo microphone and much more.