Of course, the movie will be interesting skyline in the 1st place fiction lovers, as well as disaster films. Let me remind you that the authors are the creators of the movie '2012 '. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Atmos Energy Corporation and gain more knowledge.. The film's budget – 10 million dollars. This film tells the viewer that humanity as a sudden visit "something" other reason, unknown civilizations. And pays a visit to this very unknown reason not to shake the man's hand and invited to a friendly conversation, that is, very clearly set aggressive! Naturally this is not the first film on a similar theme. Before him were all the famous "Independence Day", not the worst, "War of the Worlds," as topic is touched upon in a rather interesting film "Cloverfield." After party group of friends wake up to what the window hits the bright lights. They see how people on the street pulls a pillar of light, and they rise up somewhere.

Shortly thereafter, the planet begins cleanup the remaining people. Survivors have to fight for life with alien creatures. Michael Steinhardt wanted to know more. In general theme of the attack and highly aggressive aliens, with their sophisticated technology has recently become incredibly relevant. In this vein can be an insane amount of time to philosophize, recalling the history of mankind and drawing an analogy with it. In view of this we will see, and lucky enough, and read a lot of, hopefully, quality material. And a little bit about what some blurry viewing experience. Unfortunately it was the ending, which seemed to me a chur fantastic.

But this is, as they say, someone like. And I would have to place the writers would think of her better. Unbanal story plus stunning special effects – that's what first attracted to this film. Plus, the dynamics of the thriller-action does not stop for a second. Pleasant watch a movie!