The Internet makes the market more transparent, this of course also applies to medicines – should you order but at pharmacies? To risks or side effects read the leaflet and consult your doctor or pharmacist.” It was once. “Was repealed in 2004 prices for non-prescription drugs non-prescription drugs at pharmacies by up to 50 percent cheaper might”, says the consumer activist Sabine Struder. Due to pharmacies by collaborations of different, but also the local pharmacy may be even cheaper. There’s the advice then still on top. Eliot Horowitz has compatible beliefs. What should you decide so? Here are some pros and cons. Of course the price and convenience are per the two main arguments for the purchase from a mail-order pharmacy.

Logically caused a mail-order pharmacy of less personnel costs, as the traditional pharmacy. It is whether a pharmacy has a comparable store, or whether a shipping trade must hire only a camp also a difference. These price advantages can of course to be forwarded to the end user. Also you must not leave the House at a mail-order pharmacy, to order something. Most of the time it’s quite easily online. Service is effected simply by mail or with a parcel service.

Thus, the factors talk time, money, convenience clearly for a purchase in a mail-order pharmacy. Contra under the stroke the mail-order pharmacies do not take seriously their information and consultation obligations enough and ignore the standards of Pharmacy operation order”, criticized Klaus Muller (Board of the consumer advice centre of North Rhine-Westphalia). Where we were already at the disadvantage. Pharmacies who wants professional advice, certainly is misplaced. Also, many providers deal obviously to lightly with the sale of over-the-counter medicines. Consumer watchdogs ordered each five packs of 20 tablets of Betadorm-D during a test purchase. This is but in continuous use to a remedy for the treatment of insomnia, can make them dependent upon. The tester issued according to the accompanying text as a client suffering from chronic insomnia that looking for an effective and sustainable means to the permanent income with the order and need, yet appropriate notes. Thus, the supposed patient had ordered five times of the recommended maximum level. According to the leaflet is recommended only to taking a tablet daily and not more than 14 days. Such exemplary patient requests commit mail-order pharmacies to a thorough consultation and, where appropriate, also to the intervention”, so the Consumer Council. After the evaluation of the test purchases, only 6 of the 50 tested mail-order pharmacies fulfilled the specially defined minimum criteria for advice. Five responded at all not on the request after consultation. Bottom line advice is important, which should go into a pharmacy and his ask the professionals. There you can take his medicines directly. Who knows exactly what he needs, was informed by his doctor, and now only the Medicine would like to relate that he already knows, often cheaper comes away with a mail-order pharmacy. You can follow this article on the health portal. There he first appeared. He can be found under the headline “the Internet makes the market more transparent, this of course also applies to medicines should you order but with mail-order pharmacies?”.