VirtueMart is an engine of all functions offered by Joomla VirtueMart e-commerce. VirtueMart template is a good choice for online business owners who want to create a store on the Internet with greater security, better performance and ease of use. It is a great choice for the professional software at economical price. The software has already been descaragdo more than 2.5 million times since its initial release. Users can try the software for free with modification options. You can also use this software with the content management system, Joomla.

VirtueMart templates are written in PHP and you can can use the regular MySQL environments / PHP. The software is capable of using Secure Sockets Layers with (128-bit) encryption. Flexible tax models were included as sending to the address and the calculation of taxes. Users can manage shipping addresses. They also can see customer accounts, orders, confirmation of mail messages history electronic and the change of currencies and languages, if desired. Product catalog features a powerful web management interface that is based on Javascript.

This feature also allows users to upload an unlimited number of products and categories. Users can classify their products by putting them in certain categories or lists. A marketing tool free as a buyer (Shopper Groups) groups is included in the VirtueMart template. Using this option, the user can allow payment options and different price levels. Shop statistics allow the user to find the products and categories that are better than others purchased. Another similar feature is the tab statistics of the shop, which is a control panel with a summary of the orders and customers. Owners of web sites can create a marketing list to sell products and future services. The currencies of different countries and States can be handled without having to revise the external sources. For those who have an enormous inventory list, the number of products can be easily visualized. Payment modules are important to have more sales. It is a good idea to include credit card processing to increase sales. This is possible with a variety of payment modules that includes Paypal, EWAY, Worldpay, 2Checkout, NoChex and Paymate. Shipping API module allows users to expand its store with multiple shopping modules at the same time. VirtueMart templates also come with extensions to improve the user experience. Some of these additional extensions include import / export tools, themes VM, payment extensions, language packs and extensions of the shipment. More advanced extensions are those that were created directly in Joomla as a slideshow of the product which is perfect for customers to buy more products and / or services. The administrator of VirtueMart ACL is Another popular plugin. VirtueMart Templates offer a variety of options for those who want to create a web site of e-commerce professional and tidy appearance. With the ability to attract customers with the products and organized categories, the user can only increase profits and global sales. BlogRoll What to Look for in Ecommerce Web Hosting How to look for a cheap SSL Certificates oil painting birds update my Internet store “Virtual stores” 28/05/2010 Dwarf by SOFWARE systems seek mobile cheap and easy to use CMT Blog blog of Fran Sanchez notebook medical Software for Mac