Delia Banks (Camryn Manheim): Delia is a widow an estate agent who has an office not far from the store Melinda. Delia has a son who Melinda caught stealing from his store, then find out who was being harassed by a ghost, who helps Melinda cross to the other side. Delia does not know the ability to Melinda, but has had to deal with a house haunted by a ghost who is assisted by Melinda to take the final step. Gradually, a friendship grows ever stronger between them, and after telling him that what is stressful work, Melinda offers to work with her exhibition at the store Antigen artifacts ages. Delia and Melinda accepts just telling his secret, after her husband appear like a ghost.
Professor Rick Payne (Jay Mohr): Well-educated, even arrogant, this professor specializing in the occult and the paranormal at the University of Rockland, often helps Melinda without even realizing it, responding to questions that she made. Although it is a known expert in the field of the supernatural, are largely skeptical of what they studied. In the chapter “Cat’s Claw” finally found the ability to communicate with the dead of Melinda. Payne is married, but it is understood that difficulty in their antiquities marriage. In the episode “The Collector” tell us that his wife is dead and another ally of ghost whisper, Gabriel, and his dark soul, which are impeding the progress of the vagrant souls. In the fourth season, takes a sabbatical and no longer appears in the series.
Banks Ned (Tyler Patrick Jones): Ned is the youngest son of Delia. Had a carelessness to steal tickets from a collector of Grateful Dead concert in Melinda’s shop, because they told a ghost andalusia heard every night to do so. Melinda helps the spirit (which had been the owner of the entries in life, and wanted to belong to someone who deserved punishment) to walk towards the light, after that Ned will be leaving the posts with the position to help clean the shop on weekends, so convincing Ned that leaves his “career criminal.” Apparently is in possession of an impressive collection of objects associated with the Grateful Dead. In a later episode, Melinda heard by chance about gallery his power and asked to speak with his father, but Melinda is not in contact with. Jim then spoke with him, he explains that it is positive that his father is not a ghost, and offers to help and listen whenever you need it, while maintaining secrecy.
Eli James (Jamie Kennedy) is a psychologist in Grandview. He debuted in art the first chapter of the fourth season. the family of art dealers, lead by with an expertise in ancient Egyptian art Because we had a near death experience, you can now listen to the spirits, but can not see them.
Marino Andrea (Aisha Tyler): Andrea Melinda was a member of the store of old age during the exhibits first season. Earlier work of counsel in New York. This character was aware of the power of Melinda and usually just helping. He died after a plane crash on his car in the episode “Free Fall” and was Melinda who had to tell him that he had died so that the cross beyond the first episode of the second season, “Love Never Dies.” Your S.A. name will not be mentioned again until the final chapter of the second season “The Gathering” Melinda recalls that when she also lost someone close in the air disaster.
Homer: It is a ghost dog that roams the house and the garden of Jim and Melinda. As a watchdog protecting the house from evil spirits. Originally, it was the dog of the three orphans in the episode “Lost Boys”.
Laughing Man (Douglas Bierman): A man who on many occasions at the end of a chapter appears laughing (first season). In the second season is something that has to do with Romano.
Tim Flaherty (Thomas F. Wilson): This is Jim’s best friend and lover of Delia. Jim is as paramedics.
Grandma (June Squibb): The grandmother of Melinda, Melinda taught her everything you know about ghosts. Melinda inherited his gift.
Booby Tooch (Dariush Kashani): coworker Jim.
Regie (Scott Rinker) is a photographer who appears on the third season. He has a blog and discover the gift of Melinda. Also dies in the third season.
Gabriel (Ignacio Serricchio): Another medium Melinda does not trust you. When it first appears, is trying to win the friendship of the protagonist, but she realizes that works of art working with the dark souls and tries to prevent anyone crossing into the light. the art dealers, Hicham and make the antiquities come to life A few episodes later, Melinda discovers that his brother is in fact.

February 16 galleries (Bloomberg) – England heritage plundered by nighthawkers, thieves who sneak into the field in the dark with metal detectors and unearth ancient artifacts, according to a group that advises the government on historic sites.
The Times of India
The indignation in the European Parliament on the auction of the Mahatma’s possessions is ironic as absurd right to them frustratingly difficult.
The Times of Trenton
The inside of the museum looked like a tornado had ripped through. Door after door was demolished, rooms were littered with crumpled paper and broken pieces of statutes under the floors.
The Capital
The Alma College Choir, from Michigan, comes to Annapolis on Monday, February 23 to sing a concert at the First Presbyterian Church. The eighty-minute concert is open to the public.

Antiquities and Islamic Art Auction Catalogue with Results (December 1993) by Sothebys (Paperback – 1993)