We know how costly it is to organize wedding. I therefore share with you these tips for how to save hundreds aprendasa euros in the wedding video. 1. You have to do is find out who your wedding guests take a camcorder to your typical evento.Es anyone take one with you at the wedding. Ask your friends who can help with your wedding video, I'm sure will be happy to help you and your partner. 2. Now taking your two Steven Spielberg said what to do when you burn the wedding video.

3. If you have two volunteers must agree on the location to take in the church or courthouse. 4. It will save the facade of the church and in the details and floral motifs. 5. First come to expect the groom to the bride, and will enter its entry levels. 6.

The guests will be waiting outside the bride will be recorded as different levels. 7. The two volunteers should pay attention to get the bride and coming in your car and this should recorded, when they get off the vehicle and enter the church or court must follow to get to where the groom receives. Here the two chambers have to settle each in different positions where they can take best shots of the bride and groom. 8. Begin the ceremony, will catch the best shots to completion. Output is recorded for the couple and rice. 9. Arrival at the banquet: the front is recorded the compound, shots of the room, decorated tables and guests enjoying the cocktail. 10. The bride and groom arrive to enter the room with the cameras follow them until they feel. 11. General plans of the room with the guests, go through each of the tables by taking long shots and medium shots. 12. To finish: Cut cake, the toast, and a few minutes valls the dance will be sufficient. Follow these tips and I promise you will save hundreds of dollars on the wedding video. In short: You need one or two people with any camcorder. People who can help you in your wedding video should organized and knowing the steps to recording your wedding video. You'll save hundreds of dollars on which you can use for other purposes. Professional camera operator, video editor. Content manager