The application could not be initialized correctly (0xc0000142). It clicks in Accepting to finish the application. It sounds relative? The application error 0xc000014 can appear at any time. It has been related to the updates of Windows, Office 2007, Office 2010 and some games like Officers’ Club of Revolutionary Armed Forces Cry.The application could not even be initialized 0xc0000142 correctly is one or the errors that can encounter. Reinstalling the program can solve the one that issue. However necessity to publish system files to solve of permanent way.

Such changes in the system can be very discouraging and the truth a little fear. But you do not worry too much, worse than it can happen is that it must reinstate all the system, data and archives. Luckyly, this error noncause damages in hardware. Which is the error 0xc0000142? This error is caused by an application could not be initialized correctly. What inturn brings about an error when initializing correctly a file DLL.

Then, what caused the initial problem with the application? It could be because file is damaged, lacking or, possibly, a spy virus or programs has been infected by. This it is a great problem and it is possible to be fixed easily. For more information see view website. How to solve to the error 0xc000014 (by the bad ones) With the purpose of to solve the problem first that must try it is to return to install the affected program. Following to watch and to see if it affects more than a request. Its following attempt would be to use an operating system to install in disc and to do sfc/scannow from the TWO. This will look for all the archives of the system, to replace them by versions good for the operating system from the installation CD. Once finalized the process it reinitiates his machine. This to only correct the errors with the applications you case out. Your OS still can have problems and the necessity to return to install. The application error 0xc0000142 can be caused by a variety of reasons reason why the previous solution does not solve the problem. It can have problems with the registry. This to fix it accessesing the registry to him with the commando regedit. Important: it asegrese to before make a backup of the registry of which something of edition the way easy to solve to the error 0xc000014 I know that the previous thing sounds discouraging, much people do not feel comfortable using the symbol of the system or if she wishes to begin to publish archives. It is not necessary to worry if one is you. I recommend to use a good cleaner of the registry, if to return to install the program she did not work. To a good backup of the registry so that before making changes in the system. The registry can have a great amount of abuses not only by the error 0xc0000142, but other programs to leave back when not wished without installing, programs spies, virus. A good cleaner of the registry is going to clean all that. Its PC will feel as new after a good one and clean Our recommendation is Registry Winner? Ease of use. Simplicity and clarity of the screens? Security. It realises backups of the Registry. It uses an outpost technology to discover and to solve the problems? Attention to the client. Electronic mail or chat in line of options. It would have liked a telephone number in the list but they have manifolds language options.