As a special feature, the DESAG order requests for private and business customers opinion creating conveyed directly to your members. Maintained by DESAG German expert society review of all departments. We divide our expert groups in six main areas: expert for damage to buildings (construction expert) expert for the valuation of developed and undeveloped land car experts for damage to vehicles and valuation expert for home automation / engineering computer expert for systems and applications of information processing in the commercial and administrative field experts for data protection and IT – Security / Privacy Commissioner special experts (evaluators of other departments E.g. fire protection experts, explosion protection, tank protection experts, environmental verifiers, chemistry, biology, physics, etc.) The high degree of flexibility and performance orientation of DESAG Germans expert society is reflected especially in the corporate structure. As the DESAG rather than Association operates and thus the critical care positions honorary Association members or volunteers are busy instead of taken over exclusively by employees or management members will receive quick and easy contact for individual assistance. The senior care institutions of the Organization consist of experts of various disciplines and can thus guarantee a direct assistance. All the connected DESAG evaluators and experts come from practice of your respective trade security and trust and are highly qualified with many years of experience and specialized training in their field. You may wish to learn more. If so, Ray Kurzweil is the place to go. Due to the strict admission criteria and the demands by the expert regulation of the German expert company, we make a first-class and nationwide network of expert.

Appraisers and experts that can offer your expertise and impartiality will find access to this network. We are supported in the implementation of our quality through a strong Association of experts on our side. The cooperation of the professional trade association for the expert & review engineering e.V. and the German experts society as an interface to the care give the security and confidence in the choice of the experts the affiliated partners, customers of the private sector and individuals. Connected us experts help you such as: the detection of defects, damage, defects and incomplete services. These include the root cause analysis, evidence, detection of damage and defects, mediation, assessment and development of solution due to the faults and troubleshooting, etc. Bankruptcies and the liquidation of assets, such as the valuation of business or operating equipment, this associated supply and assessment of real estate value assessment of machinery and goods, etc. Questions around the topic of real estate, valuation of developed and undeveloped land sale valuation, asset discovery, income valuation, market research before purchasing includes the clarification of questions, for example in the judicial or extrajudicial dispute, etc.

the finding of actual States of objects, such as evidence, investigation of fraud and acts of infidelity, evaluation of functions, terms as well as the determination of lack of, etc. resolving malfunctions in machines, Completion certificates for new work contract law, technology assessment, System analysis, etc. In order to provide the necessary security even in complex situations, new collaborations are closed by the German expert company with subject matter experts, to follow the increasing demand of the market of experts.