Now let there dogs, birds, cats, or a frog – many German to earn their daily lives along with their favorite pet. The first known animal was the dog that was found about 13,000 BC. ” Often the movement of animals moved from the Near East region to Europe. Today, the pet industry is booming. More and more vendors who sell special food for pets, vets, whose waiting rooms are crowded, and ultimately many forums online where to get worried pet – owner quickly for him to answer a question. The motives to keep pets, are very different and vary from person to person. Whether it is reducing from pure friends on animals, interest in the behavior of animals, or as a playmate for children and / or to his own loneliness. Anyone who has closed his pet’s heart, would think that it considers this to his death no longer exits. The reality is at this point, unfortunately, different. More and more pet – owners can no longer be their loved onesand finance must be – at best – to the shelter. Often, however, animals are exposed to very simple: we are spared tough questions, it goes much faster – but for the animal, this type of problem solving is often fatal. There are now in Detmold, Germany, the first animal flap for pets. Here the owner the opportunity to have a pet as quickly and anonymously leave a baby hatch at the same time have the assurance that the pet is still in good hands. Pets – they can contribute much to family life, but can also undoubtedly become a financial burden.