The past is constantly being repeated here in the future, but few see, because to see, she is necessary to have eyes, and few have. Learn more about this with William Rehnquist. Today, when we look at for our heading of voter, we start to understand the siginificado one of &#039 better; ' zone eleitoral' '. As it said the French philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre in 1973: ' ' The elections are traps for tolos' '. In our Country, unhappyly, the culture has short life and the ignorance remains. This is proposital. It is a thing orquestrada for the groups that if revezam in the power since the time of our great-great-grandfathers! worse is that not alone the illiterates are ludibriados by this laia: it has much people studied for there that she changes without remorse the vote for a promise of job or a game of soccer teams.

Bertolt Brecht calls this type of illiterate people politician. But, although everything and of all, we continue believing and fighting for a cultural revolution in this Country, because cultured people is more difficult of being manipulated. At last, we continue writing, as one I appeal so that the people wake up for this cruel and desumana reality that in the fence. We are being been deceptive, forcene and died every day! We write so that the young of the future generations that to arrive reading find in them difficult to believe what it really happened For example: in these days of today it is not difficult, for many of this generation, to believe what it happened in those shady years of lead (1964 the 1984)? Therefore, therefore (Mrcio Melo, expensive one that still it writes for UTOPIA, PASSION AND RESISTANCE! Here traveiz i nis! This is alone 26 text of this year.)