The term ‘ How private equity long wait’ .. . EnTrust was founded in 1997 by Goldman Sachs Group Inc. alumni is the chief the entrust capital diversified fund investment committee The term is a vital element for investment. When we invest our money we should always have commercial loan a finance planning horizon, a factor that is related to the question: What do we need the money ‘If for example, the money we want for our sba loan son’s college educa cion and only just one cum plir year, the investment horizon is aproximada mente 18 years. On the other hand, if we make a saving for the purchase of appliances, the horizon of our investment or savings may financing be commercial business loans only a few months. If the investment is to have additional income in our retirement age, the term savings, according unsecured loan nues tra age can be much longer. In this regard, we mention that the longer the term, the greater the risk.