in Peru, is to conduct information campaigns and ICT is constituted as an important means of information transfer. Computing through this link: NEW PERU AGAINST INFLUENZA In the XXI century, health is a shared responsibility, involving equitable access to health care and collective defense against transnational threats. (WHO) pandemic is declared by swine fever by the World Health Organization (WHO). In a statement to the member countries, WHO said it resolved to raise the alert level from stage 5 to 6, which means it has started a global outbreak of swine fever. The health agency of the UN took the decision after an emergency meeting with specialists. (11 June 2009), Over 70 countries are now reporting cases of human infection with novel influenza H1N1. This number has been increasing in recent weeks, but many of the reported cases were associated with travel or outbreaks were localized without spreading in the community. A How to stop the spread of H1N1 INFLUENZA AND KNOW WHERE TO GET MORE INFORMATION ‘CENTERS FOR THE CONTROL AND PREVENTION (CDC) AND THE DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES UNITED STATES (HHS) are working together to provide consumers and organizations associated accessories for social media that allow access to information about the current outbreak of H1N1 influenza. Help spread the word about the H1N1 influenza and how to prevent it. Add a button to your website. Allow your website users to learn about and stop the spread of H1N1 and know where to get more information about H1N1. To add this button, copy the code next to the image and paste it into your web page. Click this url ACCESSORIES FOR SOCIAL MEDIA FOR CONSUMERS AND PARTNER ORGANIZATIONS