The RAID systems RDL-AD24F8-R2 (redundant RAID controllers) and RDL-AS24F8-R2 (single RAID controller) are now available. The RAIDdeluxe systems are ports per controller with two 8Gbit / s very quickly, efficiently and independently of the operating system. The use of virtual environments (MS Hyper-V, VMware ESX, Citrix Xen) is possible. These systems are ideally suited for applications that require high data transfer rates, such as in the area of broadcasting and for continuous database access. While they can be created and managed through a user-friendly Web interface via LAN or via a serial console. SSDs and hard drives at the same time: In the RAIDdeluxe systems SFF SAS/SATA drives up to 24 x 2.5 and solid state drives (SSDs) mixed database application or secure holding of large amounts of data will be asked, depending on whether a quick is.

The systems were tested with different SSDs, STEC Zeus IOPS (up to 16,000 – random write IOPS consumed) brings high performance. Also the Intel X 25-E easily completed the test. To the already unlocked SAS expansion port several RAIDdeluxe JBOD can be connected to housing with 24 or 42 drive bays and a total of 96 drives without additional licensing costs. Just the RAIDdeluxe 42 x JBOD, providing with 42 x 2 TB hard drives 84TB capacity is offered for large storage needs. Energy-saving: Not just licensing costs, it RAIDdeluxe saves the power consumption significantly smaller fails than usual RAID systems with 24 x 3.5 FF disks. By the MAID 2.0 technology can be saved also drives up to 60% energy by shutting down, in times of non-use. Everything from one source: starline delivers the RAIDdeluxe systems on customer request with disks fitted and installed. In addition, starline offers a free telephone hotline and optionally an advance Exchange service and onsite service. The systems are now available. Technical data: redundant (RDL-AD24F8-R2) or single (RDL-AS24F8-R2) RAID controller two 8Gbit / s Fibre Channel host ports per controller up to 24 x 2.5 SFF SAS/SATA II hard drives / SSDs SAS expansion port activated in a rack mount enclosure with two rack units to JBODs with additional hard disks to connect 3 GB/s SAS on each Laufwerksport areca 8Gbit / s FC-to-SAS RAID controller with Intel IOP341 processor / 800 MHz, RAID level 0, 1, 0 + 1, 3, 5, 6, 30, 50, 60 or JBOD RAID level 6 for highest data security 512 MB DDR2-533 DDR-II RAM, expandable to 4 GB per controller battery backup module optional redundant controller-Flash-image for increased availability during the firmware upgrade RAID migration and RAID expansion supports online array roaming supports online RAID level, stripe size migration supports simultaneous capacity expansion and RAID level migration supports online expansion of volume sets direct availability with initialization in the background up to 128 LUNs supports s.m.a.r.