Electronic invoicing has become without any doubt, a new technology that has revolutionized the management in enterprises and once implemented it is important that you consider certain recommendations that here I’m going to give. First of all, you should develop a work plan according to the needs of your company where you seek to include an outline of training systems, accounting, finance and logistics personnel to involve them with the new billing scheme. Likewise, you should take into account the technological requirements such as: accounting in electronic systems, as well as evaluation of the impact on electronic systems currently owned by your company. You must also determine what the requirements of the business in terms of billing for this way, stipulate the type of software you need. Likewise, it is important to do a prior review of validated solutions, before hiring the service of electronic billing and also, organises a internal training about the handling of your solution, with your selected vendor. Once implemented this technology, it starts tests in solution where you can try the system operates properly and performs the final formalities with the respective authority.. Filed under: Salman Behbehani.