Long gone are the days when the troubled housewife with the washboard for dress washing went. As a real financial help came the first washing machines, but these devices have been replaced in the meantime. Their successors, the heat pump dryer now are finding their way into our homes and convince with a mixture of laundry aid and energy economy measures. The advantages of modern heat pump dryers are this versatile, and are represented among other things on this website. New technologies for faster drying heat pump dryers are growing popular. 2011 already had 22 per cent of all in Germany in the use of existing dryers, models which operate on the principle of the heat pump.

The principle behind this is simple: the hot part of the heat pump heats up the air, the moisture of the air condenses on the cold part of the pump. This ensures quick drying clothes, which saves more energy. Heat pump dryers save up to 50% of the required energy, compared with a conventional dryer of energy efficiency (B). The modern dryer with heat pump reach also regularly the higher energy efficiency class A, some models even the class A – 50%. While care should be taken however that these models are often more susceptible to interference than conventional heat pump dryers. In comparison with conventional dryers show in addition also significantly better performance clean, safe, and environmentally friendly heat pump dryers. The heat pump dryer works in particular quite a bit cheaper than its conventional counterpart. Modern heat pump dryers electricity consumption alone is significantly lower than with other drying devices.

Compared with normal dryer, the models with heat pump need what at an average electricity price of 23 cents per kilowatt hour, a saving of 87,63 euro per year up to 381 kilowatt-hours of less per year. The slightly higher cost of the heat pump, model may look here first deterrent. Be considered should this but that is the frequent use of the dryer the Acquisition has already recouped within a short time. The capacity of the drum is similar to stored in both cases. There are smaller models, with a capacity of about three kilograms, up to variations for large families, which can accommodate up to 12 kg. The operation is as simple as in the usual models: door open, insert the laundry, select program, press start. Within a short time, the laundry is dry. Apart from that, the use of heat pump dryers for our troubled environment is not so damaging as using normal dryer. Alone energy consumption reduced by half is not only good for your wallet, but also for the environment. While the heat pump dryer is also consistently quieter than conventional models, what another advantage that modern equipment is.