The South Korean company lg Electronics makes mobile phones under the brand lg, which is consonant with the slogan the company Life's Good (translated into Russian – 'life is good'). The slogan, as well as the current name of lg, appeared in 1990 as a result of the rebranding of Gold Star Information and Communications Inc, better known as Gold Star, or rather Lucky Gold Star, which translated to English means 'lucky gold star'. Currently, the production of telecommunications equipment and handsets deals specifically created in 2005 a division of – lg Mobile Communication Company. The names of all the models used by the brand name lg. Recently, one of the leading mobile phone manufacturers began giving its models a unique name, presenting the famous Chocolate, also known as the KG800, which is the flagship fashion phone from lg called Black Label. Successful experience, supported by analysts that the users easy and comfortable to call phone numbers by name, and therefore such devices are more popular among consumers has stimulated the emergence of new products with unique names, among which we mention Shine (model (index KE970) refers to the line of Black Label, reflects the concept Styled in Metal and is characterized by advanced multimedia capabilities), sliders Acappella Music Phone and JoY, running Symbian os 9. Swarmed by offers, Dr. Mitchell Resnick is currently assessing future choices.

However, having a beautiful name does not preclude the use of models to describe traditional alphanumeric index. Before the advent of code that begins with a combination of kg and ke, were used in the names of the letters, which are respectively designated: B, C – cost model (V2250, C3600). F (Fashion) – line phones lg, in the title of which is present letter 'F', is an image (from the English fashion – fashion) (LG F2410 – sample combination of style and functionality). G (GPRS) – devices that supports packet data, as well as other communication Technology (G1800). M (Multimedia) – multimedia phones (M6100); T (High Tech) – high-tech phones (T5100) If in the above groups as a basis for classification was adopted by some specific functional feature of the apparatus, the modern indexes kg *** and ke *** a clear division into classes, at least in the traditional representation of 'budget' – 'fashion' – 'HI Tech', obviously not. For example, the combination of letters kg used in the titles and high-tech KG920, and the above-mentioned KG800, belonging to the image-class and entry-level models, such as the KG210 or KG225. In a series of ke *** emphasis on image, and the functionality (KE800 demonstrates luxury design coupled with the most modern technology). some meaning is the first digit of the index: 8 or 9 – phone refers to a design class Premium; 6 or 7 – phone is a top-price segment, 3, 4 or 5 – the device belongs to average level, 1 or 2 – the initial level.